bamboo nursing pads Mystery Pack 3 sets

bamboo nursing pads Mystery Pack 3 sets


These beautiful nursing pads come in sets of 3 with all the prints randomly selected from our fabric choices.

All nursing pads are ready made and shipped the very next working day.


Our organic Bamboo nursing pads come with 3 layers of tried-and-tested fabric to catch any leakages and still keep you dry. They make the perfect gift for any breast-feeding mumma as they are 40% more absorbent than single-use cotton pads, do not harbour any mould or nasty bacteria and are environmentally friendly!

Layer One: Super soft bamboo fleece (it gets softer with every wash!)
Layer Two: Bamboo wadding providing a second waterproof layer

Layer Three: A beautiful print 100% cotton.

Our nursing pads are approximately 11cm in diameter 


**We recommend changing as often as you would with disposable nursing pads, wash as normal and hang in direct sunlight to dry**

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